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Kamis, 01 April 2010

Diablo II

Global modification for the game Diablo II LoD. Changes observed in all: change habits, added and improved things, new kinds of monsters, as well as present a more difficult location, named "uberkvesty.

This modification also changes in the game and approach: the old methods will not help.
The first thing that catches your eye after you install this mod is a completely new skill tree, and animation for all classes (you will not find any of the old skill of the original Lod). This animation abilities is the calling card of this mod.

Changes were also a graphic component game: now dull, dry blows of the original remained in the past, after installing this mod your monitor will go off-scale orgy of special effects and colors.

Features of release:
- Improved AI for all acts of bosses, such as Mephisto circumvents "river", and Andariel runs away from you when she is little experience.
- Of calling Uber-bosses. You can call only in a certain place game, mixing the necessary ingredients in a cube. Among them, such as the Butcher of D1, Azmodan and Belial - younger brothers Diablo (for lovers of history).
- The maximum level of 120.
- 9 new mercenaries with five unique abilities each.
- Enhanced the role of energy in the game, now it gives not only mana, but also increases spell damage.
- 20 new runes and 5 stones, giving a completely new features (eg + summoned minion damage).
- Special tests for hardened players. Awards will be unique things in another way that did not get (an example test: pass Huber zone for 70 levels to 50 levels).
- 250 new runewords
- Huber and heroic zone with a very enhanced monsters
- 475 new unique items
- 28 new sets of 140 set items

Installation instructions:
Before installing disable the firewall (brendmauer) and antivirus and free up enough space on your hard disk.
Must be installed game Diablo II
1. Unzip the downloaded archive
2. Set modification
3. Enjoy the game!
For a network game: Run the game, in menu choose Battle.Net server, click the button BattleNet and connect to the server and go through brief registration.

System requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft ® Windows ® XP or VISTA
- Processor: with a frequency of 1.1 GHz
- Memory: 512 MB
- Video card: GeForce 5600 class, ATI 9550 or higher
- Free disk space: 3 GB
- Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
- Management: keyboard, mouse
- For network internet games: internet connection

Year: 2010
Genre: role-playing game, (RPG)
Developer: SENA
Publisher: SENA
Release: SENA
Publication Type: modification
Version: MEDIAN XL 1.F9b
Tablet: Not required
Language: English

Diablo II Full version + Exspension file nyampe 2 G

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11

Alternatif lain File 500 Mb

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Server lokal
diablo 2 play disc.iso

Server Lokal
Diablo II Expansion: Lord of Destruction

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